Monday, February 19, 2007

338 - People Speak Speech Contest

The UN Foundation, the International Debate Education Association and the Lawrence Debate Union at the University of Vermont held a statewide Vermont speech contest for middle school and high school students in November 2006. Each school had a contest and then the winners were invited to UVM for a final contest. This is that final. Students from six schools gave speeches on the topic of global cooperation. The winner at the middle school level was Riya Patel of Tuttle Middle School and the winner of the high school level was Keenan Lantz of Burlington High School. Congratulations to them. Schools winner receive a $50 prize and the two final winners receive a $150 prize. Congratulations to all the students.

Our apologies to Riya Patel for calling her "Nikhil" in the video. That was our error and we regret it.

Right click to download or click to watch right away. Best viewed on a computer with iTunes.

Friday, February 16, 2007

314 - Free Speech & Dissent in America

A discussion about the responsibilities and limits to the use of free expression and dissent and current efforts to restrict it. Panelists include Alfred Snider, Zoe Anderson, Justin Brown, Stephanie Kimerer and Matt Jokajtys. The shot from camera 1 looks a bit washed out, but that was a new lighting guy learning his way. The audio is fine.

This is a full-sized screen file, so it might be a bit large.

Right click to download, click to watch right away: