Monday, April 28, 2008

359 - Kosovo Independence

A March 2008 discussion featuring Jacob Klein, Sam Ricker and Alfred Snider focusing on independence for Kosovo.


Jose Morales said...

Hey Tuna! it's Jose, from Venezuela!

Great debate! I think that a case by case exhaustive analisys must be done, but with a certain, coherent and sustained criteria for the int'l comunity to preserve it's credibility as intermediary of the conflicts.

I think though that the pais vasco and catalunya cases are not necesarily comparable to the kosovo and palestine cases, since there are no relevant and peaceful political movements backing the separatist idea, and neither is the public opinion. people there identify themselves as Spanish, and back the national football team with the red and yellow, and cry everytime they lose (which is actually pretty often).

I bring this up because I remembered how the guys from Herzegovina acted at a Bosnia Vs. Croatia football game. I think that the capacity of the people to feel as being both from the region and from the country is a mayor difference between the cases I mentioned.

But anyway, that's my view. Hope Everythings great over there in the independent bolivarian and revolutionary republic of Vermont! Here we're hard at work againt the government and the uncritical thinking!

Best of wishes for everyone!

Jose Ramon

Anonymous said...

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