Saturday, April 14, 2007

343 - With S.A.I.D. in Singapore

PHOTO: With Japanese and Singapore debaters just before the taping of the program.

This show was filmed in Singapore on a low quality (my) camera. BUT, it features some of the most dynamic debate organizers in the world. I interviewed the offices of SAID (Society of Associated Intertertiary Debaters). Loke Wing Fatt, president, is on the left and has been crucial in organizing debate not only in Singapore but also throughout Asia. On my left are En Min Cheong and Hewlens Wong. The discussion deals with the debate situation in Singapore and then covers their training efforts in China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and many other places. There was a thunderstorm during the taping and we were in a tall building, but that just added to the determined nature shown by those I worked with in Singapore on my most recent trip. Doing a search at for "Loke Wing Fatt" shows 13 stories. That is a powerful indicator of the range and depth of their outreach to promote debating.

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